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Getting Started

What is an electronic cigarette?


Electronic Cigarette: A cigarette shaped device containing a nicotine based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, used to simulate the experience of smoking tobacco. More smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking everyday.


Is an electronic cigarette healthier for you?

The answer is yes!

Traditional cigarettes have over 400 approved ingredients. When a cigarette is burned, those ingredients undergo a state change and resulting chemical reaction. Therefore, the combustion process creates and releases about 4000 chemicals.

Typical e-cigarette juices have about 4-5 chemicals. These include PG and/or VG, Nicotine, Distilled Water, and Flavorings. These ingredients are not combusted so there are no additional chemicals created.


What does an electronic cigarette consist of?

There are 4 parts that make up an electronic cigarette:
Battery: Sends power to the cartomizer.
Cartomizer: Consists of a coil which vapourizes liquid.
Charger: Recharges the battery
PG/VG Flavoured Nicotine Base

How does it work?

Vapour is a Liquid that is heated to boiling point. To achieve this the battery is activated which sends power to the cartomizer. The coil, similar to a toaster, heats up the liquid inside. It takes a few seconds to get the coil to heat the liquid to it’s boiling point. So initially a regular puff on an electronic cigarette should be at least 3-6 seconds. Through this process the user will recieve the cessation of smoking.