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• We see this again and again. Getting a good quality kit that matches your needs and lifestyle is essential to being successful. We take the time to sit with you, and by asking a series of questions, match you with the kit that will meet your needs, maximizing your satisfaction, and minimizing frustration. We know that if you have to constantly fuss and fiddle with something to keep it working, you won’t be using it long and you will eventually go back to smoking. The benefits just won’t be worth the aggravation.

• Knock-offs…buyer beware!
Just cause it’s called an eGo doesn’t mean it will perform like a Genuine Joyetech eGo.


• Here at Midland E-Cig, we’re available to assist you at any time throughout the day.

• If it seems cheap, it probably is. What gives you your enjoyment, besides the e-cig unit is the vapor liquid. The liquid is made up of nicotine, PG, VG, water and flavour. Mixed in the correct amounts, you get a satisfying, enjoyable experience like you would with a regular cigarette. Competitors, change the proportions of that mixture to reduce their costs. They charge half the price claiming it is the same amount of nicotine in the same size bottle. This may be true. But the taste isn’t there, the satisfaction isn’t there, and therefore the quality of your experience is significantly reduced. Don’t cheap out on the liquid. You’re already saving a great deal by not buying packs of cigarettes in the first place.

• Midland E-Cig is very particular about the products we carry. We only carry quality electronic cigarettes that perform!

Batteries, batteries, batteries!

• Good quality kits contain regulated batteries which provide consistent performance from the beginning to the end of a charge, instead of getting weaker as you use them.

• Battery size is a key consideration when choosing a kit. It determines:

1. How long an ecig can go between charges.

2. How large/small the device will be.

• Your kit should make charging conveniently fit into your lifestyle. Do you need a long runtime? Do you need extra batteries, a second charger or a car adapter? Would it be helpful to charge it on-the-go with a Personal Charging Kit (PCC), so you always have one battery charging while you’re using the other? It is important to have a simple plan for where and when you will charge your batteries. Walking around with an ecig that won’t vape is VERY frustrating.

• Certain kinds of accessories, like Low Resistance atomizers & cartomizers that provide a strong “throat hit”, will wear down smaller batteries quickly.

Choosing the right starter kit for YOU makes a huge difference

• You are unique! That’s why Midland E-Cig offers you a variety of choices and options.

• Email me at shawn@midland-ecig.com for any inquiries. You can also give me a call at 705-417-0293. I’ll be more than happy to select and customize a kit with you.

• As your needs evolve, Midland E-Cig will be here with the products from Happy Vaper, and the options and expertise you may need to support you.

I want it to taste like a cigarette.

• Pretty much every vaper starts with this same desire. It never, ever lasts.

• Once you’ve been vaping for a week or two, most people start to enjoy other flavours.

• Many people continue to enjoy tobacco flavours. However, tobacco flavours are more like the smell of a newly opened pack of cigarettes or a bag of pipe tobacco, rather than a burning cigarette.

• Many people find they really like fruit flavours like blackcherry, blueberry and strawberry.

• Others enjoy sweet, dessert flavours like a coconut cloud cake.

Vaping (smoking electronic cigarettes) is not the same as smoking.

• A bit of expertise from a pro can make a big difference.

• Here at Midland E-Cig, we can become available to assist you at any time throughout the day.

• We make sure you have the tips and tricks to get the most out of your kit.